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Joseph W. Roby Princes of Jerusalem
Harley M. Watkins, Chapter Rose Croix
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Busy February

02-02-2015 20:55:00
February is shaping up to be a busy and productive month. This Saturday, the 7th will see two annual events, The Council of Deliberation and the Night of Freemasonry.
The Council of Deliberation is an opportunity for Valley Officers throughout the state to discuss issues that have surfaced throughout the year. it is to be held at the beautiful Masonic Temple on Academy Street in Barre.
The Night of Freemasonry is being hosted by the Valley of Burlington at the Green Mountain Masonic Center. This is a relaxed fellowship event with a dinner catered this year by Bove's in Burlington. After dinner Masonic appendant bodies will discuss their activities ad programs. This event is open to the public so it's an opportunity to bring friends and family who are curious about Masonry.
Wednesday the 11th the Valley will be presenting the 12th degree. This is likely to be a unique presentation as the Valley is attempting to address the problem of presenting a full production with limited resources while preserving the dignity,solemnity and intent of the original.
We certainly hope to see you at as many of these events as you can.