Haswell Lodge of Perfection
Joseph W. Roby Princes of Jerusalem
Harley M. Watkins, Chapter Rose Croix
Vermont Consistory


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Installation of Officers

06-12-2015 13:08:00
At the annual meeting of the Valley of Burlington the following slate of officers was elected:
Haswell Lodge of Perfection: Thrice Potent Master, Brian Chaffee; Deputy Master, Stewart Robinson. J.W. Roby Council Princes of Jerusalem: Sovereign Prince, John Oleszkiewicz; High Priest David Schuler. Harley M. Watkins, chapter of Rose Croix: Most Wise Master, John Parenteau; Senior Warden, Seth Zimmerman. Vermont Consistory: Commander in Chief: Richard Backus; First Lt. Commander, Tom Johnston; 2nd Lt. Commander, Eric Steele. Also elected, Secretary Ryan Lawrence and Treasurer James Selleck.